Advocates For Animal Rights (AFAR) is a 501c3 Companion Animal Rescue. AFAR has two locations: our first location is In the Beautiful State of Michigan, and our second location is in the Impressive State of Tennessee!

Our primary goal is to raise NO-KILL Companion Animal Sanctuary's at both sites, offering a safe haven to all homeless animals. They will have permanent, safe and loving place to live until a forever home for them is found. However, if a forever home is not readily available, the sanctuary will remain their home away from home until a forever home is found.



WE ADVOCATE- For Animals & Their Caregivers,

WE EDUCATE- On the Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Animals,

WE CELEBRATE- The Lives of our Companion Animals and the Extraordinary Bond That We Share With Them!




(866) 224-AFAR


Our beloved husband & father’s (Durwood) death was difficult for everyone, but none took it harder than his beloved Heidi. She clung to him faithfully, and their bond was  undeniably strong. When Heidi sensed his impending death, she sank in to a deep depression and became gravely ill. In fact, two days before he passed away Heidi curled up on his bed beside him, laid her head on his pillow and gently slipped away.

We’re convinced that she passed away from grief of the impending loss of her caregiver and best friend. She had to get to Heaven first, to help ease in his transition.  We know she was there, waiting for him.

Thank you Heidi for watching over our beloved until we can see you both together again.

Love  Shirley, Yvonne, Bonnie, Vicky

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