Advocates For Animal Rights (AFAR) is a 501c3 Companion Animal Rescue. AFAR has two locations: our first location is In the Beautiful State of Michigan, and our second location is in the Impressive State of Tennessee!

Our primary goal is to raise NO-KILL Companion Animal Sanctuary's at both sites, offering a safe haven to all homeless animals. They will have permanent, safe and loving place to live until a forever home for them is found. However, if a forever home is not readily available, the sanctuary will remain their home away from home until a forever home is found.



WE ADVOCATE- For Animals & Their Caregivers,

WE EDUCATE- On the Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Animals,

WE CELEBRATE- The Lives of our Companion Animals and the Extraordinary Bond That We Share With Them!




(866) 224-AFAR

Dog Training Made Easy Video Series

In this video series you’ll learn how to train yourself so you can teach your dog what you expect of them. For optimum results, do not rush through these lessons! Watch each lesson several times by yourself. Give yourself time to correctly learn the lesson before you work with your dog. When you feel comfortable that you have the lesson down, then start working the lesson with your dog. IT’S OK IF IT TAKES TIME to work with your dog, teaching them the lesson you want them to learn.This is not Beat The Clock!

Give them time to learn from you. Practice, practice, practice! Work with your dog for several short periods every day! Don’t try to ‘cram for the exam’. And be consistent! Develop solid boundaries for you and your dog. If you cannot preform the lesson correctly, or if you’re impatient with yourself, the lesson, or your dog,  don’t expect your dog to get it right! It will NEVER be the dog’s fault! It boils down to doing it correctly the 1st time! And if that 1st time takes 2 or more weeks for your dog to learn, so be it!

Never end the lesson without the dog preforming the lesson correctly. Even if they can only ‘sit’ for 3 seconds. Praise them for what they did well and move on. Don’t bring negativity or stress into the lessons. No yelling, no anger! Always start and end on a positive note. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with the learning process. Most Importantly BE PATIENT WITH YOUR DOG! 

And the most important thing of all-HAVE FUN! This time will be a wonderful bonding time between your and your dog. They will think the world of you. Give them the same.

If you have any questions, or if you’re feeling frustrated about the lesson, please just ask! We’re hear for you!



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