About Us

AFAR is located in the Beautiful State of Michigan. Our Mission Statement: At AFAR: We Advocate- For Animals & Their Caregivers, We Educate- On the Importance of Spaying/Neutering Your Animals, And We Celebrate-The Lives of Animals and the Special Bond We Share With Them.

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Assistance: Part 1-Medical & Financial

American Animal Hospital Association https://www.aahanet.org/Store/ForClients.aspx
Angels For Animals www.angels4animals.org
Alley Cat Allies www.alleycat.org
The American Humane Association www.americanhumane.org
American Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals www.aspca.org
Best Friends www.bestfriends.org
Brown Dog Foundation www.browndogfoundation.org
Binky Foundation http://www.binkyfoundation.org/
Care Credit www.carecredit.com
Cats In Crisis www.catsincrisis.org
Cody’s Club (Radiation treatments) http://www.dogdoggiedog.com/pwcAcodysclub.htm
Canine Cancer Awareness www.caninecancerawareness.org
Diabetic Pets Fund www.diabetes.net/fund
Extend Credit www.extendcredit.com
Feline Vet Emergency Assistance Program www.fveap.org
Feline Outreach www.felineoutreach.org
The Goldstock Fund www.goldstockfund.org
Good Sam Fund http://medvetfoundation.org/goodsamfund.asp
The Good Samaritan Pet Center www.goodsamaritanpetcenter.org/good-sam-fund.html
God’s Creatures Veterinary Charity www.all-creatures.org/gcm/help-cf.html
Humane Society of the United States www.humanesociety.org
Help A Pet www.helpapet.org
Handicapped Pets Foundation http://hpets.org/
In Memory Of Magic www.IMOM.org
Land of Pure Gold Foundation www.landofpuregold.com
The Magic Bullet Fund (Cancer) www.themagicbulletfund.org/
The Mosby Foundation www.themosbyfoundation.org
MedVet Foundation http://medvetfoundation.org/
Medical Assistance Fund http://animalmedicalassistancefund.com/index.html
New York Save www.nysave.org
Petsmart Charities http://petsmartcharities.org/
Pigger’s Pals www.piggerspals.org
Petco Foundation http://www.petcofoundationhome.aspx
The Pet Fund http://thepetfund.com/
Perseus Foundation (Cancer) http://dc.about.com/od/animalspets/a/PerseusFound.htm
Rose’s Fund http://www.rosesfund.org/
Shakespeare Animal Fund http://shakespeareanimalfund.org/
The BIG Hearts Fund http://bigheartsfund.org/
United Animal Nations Lifeline Fund www.uan.org/index.cfm?navid=28
Who Pay Day www.whopayday.com