Advocates For Animal Rights (AFAR) is a 501c3 Companion Animal Rescue. AFAR has two locations: our first location is In the Beautiful State of Michigan, and our second location is in the Impressive State of Tennessee!

Our primary goal is to raise NO-KILL Companion Animal Sanctuary's at both sites, offering a safe haven to all homeless animals. They will have permanent, safe and loving place to live until a forever home for them is found. However, if a forever home is not readily available, the sanctuary will remain their home away from home until a forever home is found.



WE ADVOCATE- For Animals & Their Caregivers,

WE EDUCATE- On the Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Animals,

WE CELEBRATE- The Lives of our Companion Animals and the Extraordinary Bond That We Share With Them!




(866) 224-AFAR


This is Ranger, and this is his story

Ranger, a mastiff mix, came to AFAR via the Osceola County Animal Control. For us, this is where his story begins…

The Osceola Animal Control received a report that there was a dead dog laying along the road-side of the US10 highway. When they arrived on the scene, they were horrified at what they found. This dog was still alive! Although at one time he appeared to been a massive dog, he was now skin and bones, a big pile of vile smelling fur. He was emaciated, dehydrated, and exhausted. There was no identification attached on his beaten up old red nylon collar, only a piece of frayed rope that trailed behind him. The animal control officer transported him to the Animal Control office. He was in shock due to trauma, but appeared to have no broken bones. His eyes were filled with a green-yellow puss and had both crusted over. He was filthy, his coat was a dull brown, matted with pieces of twigs and burrs. He was a dog well into his senior years. They did what they could to stabilize him and clean him up, but he was very weak and was almost totally non-responsive. After treatment, they were unsure if he’d live through the night.

When they arrived the next morning, they were pleased to find that this old guy was a fighter! He had begun to eat and drink. He had even gained enough strength to stand. Because eyes were so badly infected, they had a difficult time determining if he could see. His hearing was also compromised. Over the next several days, they began to admire his will to live. They realized that they could not euthanize this dog. They named him Ranger, and devised a plan to list him on their website-hoping that someone would rescue him and be able to properly care for him.

It just so happened that Denise, an AFAR officer read about Ranger on the Osceola website. She contacted them and spoke of AFAR and our work with senior animals. After a lengthy discussion the arrangements were made. Ranger was soon on his way to an AFAR foster home.

When Ranger arrived, his condition was serious, and he had a hard time walking. He was thin, frail, and weak. We comforted him, gave him a warm place to lay, brushed him- removing all his mats and burrs, and saw to his medical needs. He needed food that would be nourishing and yet easy to digest. After several failed attempts at finding something he liked, we discovered that he loved canned salmon. That became his main-stay.

He began to show signs of improvement. His infected eyes cleared up. Eating small amounts, several times a day, he began to gain some of his strength back. But his gains also led to several sad discoveries. He was indeed blind and mostly deaf too. He was unable to go up and down stairs. However he began to adapt to these challenges quite well. He was very gentle and affectionate dog. His body was starting to heal and he was gaining weight. His coat was  becoming shiny, and he was more alert. Ranger was improving, but he was still unsteady on his feet.

Just when everything was looking promising for Ranger, one early Sunday morning the unthinkable happened.  Ranger had fallen and broken his hind leg. He was disoriented and in severe pain, and was rushed to the animal hospital. After his exam they felt that although his injury was repairable, with Ranger’s advanced years and  frail health, he would not live through the anesthesia, let alone the trauma of surgery. So, sadly that Sunday morning, 9 months after he moved in, Ranger left us.

Ranger is still greatly missed. His courage to fight against all odds and his will to live is still an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Ranger for enriching our lives by sharing your life and Love with us.

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