Advocates For Animal Rights (AFAR) has 2 (two) locations- in the Beautiful States of Michigan and Tennessee! Our ultimate goal is to raise & maintain a NO-KILL Companion Animal Sanctuary in Both States! It will be a place where homeless animals will have permanent and safe place to live until a forever home for them is found.

Our Mission Statement:


WE ADVOCATE- For Animals & Their Caregivers

WE EDUCATE- On the Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Animals

WE CELEBRATE-The Lives of Animals and the Extraordinary Bond We Share With Them.

We are here to help in any way we can. To keep current on our progress or for more information, please feel free to check out all the latest AFAR News via our website Locally or Worldwide!

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Maverick 3 Virtually Adopt Maverick -

Maverick is a Tibetan Mastiff. He is a big ‘ole fluffy ball of energy. He was found wandering in southern Ohio with his ‘brother’ Dougie. Together, they were crafty and eluded the Humane Society & Animal Control for several months. Isn’t he a handsome dog!

Right now, Mavie is working

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Joey 2a Virtually Adopt Joey -

Say hello to Joey. Joey moved here from Flint Michigan, and this is his story. I first heard of him via Craigslist. His rescuer was seeking a home for him & what she told me was shocking. A large appliance van was traveling on her road. She noticed the truck because they were

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Baby 1 Virtually Adopt Baby -

Say Hello to Baby! Baby is an adorable Pit-bull approximately 2 years old. She was rescued with her ‘sister’ Patches. We believe they both escaped from a dog-fighting ring. Wherever she came from, the abuse to Baby was significant & her scars still remain with her both physical and psychological.

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Allie 1 Virtually Adopt Allie -

We first heard of Allie on Facebook in the Animal Rescues of Michigan group. Megan, her mom made a plea for Allie’s life. Megan had been traveling the US with her 3 dogs, Allie, Charlie, and Sallie Mae. On her way home, she stopped in at a ‘friends’ home (we’ll call them Bob

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Dougie 1 Virtually Adopt Dougie -

Dougie is a Boxer mix. He is a like a cross between a spring & a lightning bolt! He was found wandering around in southern Ohio. He was running with his ‘brother’ Maverick. Together, they were pretty crafty and eluded the local Humane Society & Animal Control for several months. He is quite a hunk,

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Annie 1 Virtually Adopt AnnaBelle -

AnnaBelle is a high strung & energetic lady. She loves to go for rides in the car. She also loves to run away from home- usually waiting until you just about catch up to her, and WHAM! She’s gone like greased lightning!

She also loves to take a swim in the nearest lake, pond,

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